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Flagpole Dictionary

Here are detailed descriptions of various flagpole components and finishes:

Anodized Finish

A colored finish achieved by immersing the flagpole material in an acid solution and applying a direct current, creating a durable oxide film on the surface. Anodized finishes can be clear, black, or various shades of bronze. For alternatives, see Powder Paint Finish.


A decorative element installed at the top of the flagpole, either internally or externally, serving as a common flagpole ornament available in various finishes.

Ball Truck

A truck assembly that combines the functional aspects of the truck with the ornamental features of a ball finial.

Bronze Finish

A finish color achieved through powder coating or anodizing processes.

Butt Diameter

The diameter of the flagpole at its base.

Cam Cleat

A mechanism used in Internal Halyard flagpoles, featuring a self-locking cam action to securely hold the rope.


An aluminum casting used on External Halyard flagpoles to anchor the Rope Halyard. Cleats can be mounted on the flagpole, wall, or other surfaces, allowing the halyard to be wrapped around it to keep the flag in place.

Cleat Cover

Heavy, cast aluminum boxes designed to provide tamper-resistant security for External Halyard flagpoles. Available with Cylinder Lock or Padlock options.

Collar (Flash Collar)

An aluminum collar installed around the base of the flagpole to finish the installation and protect the ground sleeve from the elements. It seals the space between the collar and flagpole to prevent water infiltration.

Cone Tapered Flagpole

Flagpoles with a lower non-tapered section and a straight taper extending to the top. This is the industry standard taper (see Entasis Tapered Flagpoles).


Plastic-coated weights used in Internal Halyard systems to assist with flag lowering and ensure proper flag display.

Entasis Tapered Flagpole

Flagpoles featuring a gentle outward curve in the taper for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Custom Entasis Tapered poles are available.

External Halyard

A flagpole system with exposed pulleys and rope halyards for flag raising and lowering.


An ornamental piece, such as a ball or eagle, used to complete the top of the flagpole.


The surface appearance or texture of the flagpole, with options including satin, anodized, and powder paint finishes.

Flag Arrangement

A complete flag holding assembly for wire cable and winch system flagpoles, made of stainless steel aircraft cable, connecting links, and flagsnaps. Designed for various flag sizes and can be combined for multiple flags.


A metal hook used to attach flags to rope or wire halyards.

Flagsnap Cover

Neoprene covers designed to protect flagsnaps from wear and reduce noise.


An extension used on nautical flagpoles to display flags, typically positioned at an angle.

Ground Sleeve

A component used in Ground Set flagpole installations, including options like galvanized corrugated tubes, centering wedges, steel base plates, and PVC pipes for smaller poles.

Ground Set Foundation

A concrete support structure that includes a ground sleeve, with sizes varying based on pole dimensions and locations.

Halyard Cover

Half-radius aluminum pipe covers used with Cleat Covers to provide additional security for External Halyard flagpoles.

Internal Halyard

A flagpole system where the rope or wire halyard is enclosed within the pole and accessible through a lockable door.


Flagpole designs popular in coastal and marine settings featuring horizontal yardarms and optional angled gaffs for flying multiple flags.

Ornament (Finial)

A decorative top piece for the flagpole, such as a ball or eagle.


A flagpole design mounted at an angle on a wall.

Powder Paint Finish

A durable finish applied by electrostatically spraying polyester or urethane powder onto the flagpole, then curing it in an oven.

Retainer Ring Assembly

A mechanism used to secure the bottom of the flag to the flagpole in Internal Halyard Systems or large multi-grommet flags.

Satin Finish

A brushed aluminum finish achieved through a multi-pass rotary sanding process with specially formulated abrasives.

Shoe Base Foundation

A support structure that includes anchor bolts embedded in concrete, with a welded base casting held in place by nuts and washers.

Revolving Truck

A truck assembly that includes bearings, allowing it to rotate with the wind. Available in Single (one pulley) and Double (two pulleys) designs, with Single being the industry standard.

Snap Hook Assembly

An assembly comprising at least 12 inches of 1/8-inch stainless steel wire cable, stop sleeves, a wire clamp, and a chrome-plated bronze snap hook for attaching large or multiple-grommet flags.

Stationary Truck

A pulley assembly fixed to the top of the flagpole with set screws, offering a more economical and low-maintenance option compared to revolving styles.


The top-mounted assembly providing a pulley system for raising and lowering the flag.

Vertical Wall Mounted Flagpole

An External Halyard Flagpole mounted vertically on a building using fabricated brackets.

Wall Thickness

The thickness of the aluminum tubing used in the flagpole, varying based on wind load requirements and pole size.


A mechanism with gears and a manual crank handle used to raise and lower the flag in Internal Wire Cable Halyard flagpoles.

Yard Arm

A horizontal tapered spar attached to the flagpole, used in Nautical Single and Double Mast Flagpoles to fly multiple flags.