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    Note: Calls may be recorded or monitored for quality and training purposes.
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Orders can take one to two days to process, one to three days to be shipped, but we will strive to process your order expeditiously.

Note: We will promptly inform you of stock outs and longer lead times due to current supply chain situation.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. View Flag Desk's Privacy Policy for more information.


All orders or contracts are accepted with the understanding that they are subject to Flag Desk, Inc.'s (Flag Desk) ability to obtain products (supply chain is less than consistent). All orders or contracts as well as shipments applicable thereto are subject to manufacturing/sourcing schedules, and government regulations, orders, directives, and restrictions that may be in effect from time to time.


Written quotations automatically expire thirty (30) calendar days from the date issued unless otherwise stated on the quotation. Quotations are subject to termination by notice within that period. Quotations are subject to correction in the event of stenographic or clerical errors. Prices quoted are for specific quantities shown, released for manufacture and shipment at one time to one destination unless otherwise stated. Any change in the quantity of an order and/or split shipments are subject to price revision.

Special Orders

Flagpoles with special finishes (anodized or powder coat can take four to six weeks before shipment is scheduled for delivery. Custom flags typical lead time can take 10 - 15 workdays before shipment. Special order parts may be subject to longer lead times.

Purchase Orders

If the quotation is accepted and Buyer/Customer's order form is used for the purpose, it is expressly understood and agreed that the terms and conditions herein set forth shall prevail insofar as the same may in any way conflict with the terms and conditions set forth in such order form, and the issuance of such order by Buyer/Customer shall be deemed to note Buyer/Customer's assent to the foregoing.


Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to current pricing at time of acceptance by Flag Desk.

Flag Desk makes every effort to present current and accurate pricing on its website. However, prices are subject to change without notice and quantities may be limited. Orders calling for future shipment may be billed according to the price in effect at the time of shipment, unless otherwise specified.


Prices on the specified products are exclusive of all city, state and federal excise taxes, including without limitation, taxes on manufacture, sales, receipts, gross income, occupation, use and similar taxes.

Orders shipped to Illinois will have all applicable Illinois state and local sales tax added to the total order. Any sales tax due that is not collected by Flag Desk is the responsibility of the Buyer/Customer.

Payment Terms

Flag Desk accepts major credit cards VISA, MasterCard and American Express, or prepayment by bank checks drawn on U.S. funds.

At Flag Desk's discretion, open account / thirty (30) day payment terms may be granted to qualified businesses and institutions such as companies, corporations, government entities and organizations, but not to individuals. In this case, Flag Desk may require a purchase order and partial payment (deposit) in advance of order processing.

To obtain a credit application for open account credit, contact any sales representative by calling (800) 526-8183. Please allow sufficient time for the credit approval process. To avoid delay on your initial order you may elect an alternative payment method.

For Customers with open account credit, items not available for immediate shipment will be shipped and billed as they become available. Also, the net amount of invoice will be due and payable in full within thirty (30) days of invoice date.


Method and route of shipment are at Flag Desk's discretion unless the Buyer/Customer supplies explicit shipping instructions. When Buyer/Customer specifies method of shipment, any additional shipping expense will be charged to Buyer/Customer. Shipping charges are not intended to guarantee the delivery at or to destination. Identification of goods to the contract shall occur as each shipment is placed in the hands of the carrier.

Most commercial flagpoles must be shipped less than truckload (LTL). LTL shipping rates are valid within the contiguous United States only. Flag Desk retains the right to refuse an order if (i) items requested are not available and/or (ii) if shipping charges have an unexpected increase in rate which cannot be absorbed into the cost of the sale. If this is the case, Flag Desk will notify the Buyer/Customer prior to processing their order.

View Flag Desk's Shipping Policy for our terms on shipping, 'free shipping' and flagpole shipments.


Deliveries shall be subject to, and contingent upon, strikes, labor difficulties, civil unrest, war, fire, delay or defaults of common carriers, failure, or curtailment in Flag Desk's usual sources of supply, governmental decrees or orders, or without limiting the foregoing, any other delays beyond Flag Desk's reasonable control, and Flag Desk shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising therefrom.

Flag Desk shall have the additional right, in the event of the happening of any of the above contingencies, at its option, to cancel this contract or any part thereof, without any resulting liability.

Upon delivery, it is the responsibility of the receiver to verify condition of product.

If possible, any damage to packaging and/or product must be documented on the bill of lading at time of delivery. Taking photos of damage(s) is recommended. Failure to do so may result in rejected freight claim by the carrier. Any delivery not in dispute shall be paid for regardless of other controversies relating to other delivered or undelivered merchandise.

View Flag Desk's Shipping Policy for information about taking delivery of flagpoles and how to properly store a flagpole to prevent damage.


Unless otherwise stated on the face of the quotation, all packaging will be in accordance with Flag Desk's standard practices for domestic shipments. Cartons of parts are carefully packed. Flag Desk will not be responsible for any shortages if they are not reported within 72 hours after delivery.

Note: Satin aluminum flagpole shafts can stain if allowed to remain in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If there is any sign of moisture, immediately remove the shaft from the tube, unwrap, and dry immediately. If the shaft is to be stored outdoors, it must be stored off the ground and unwrapped.


Once an order has been placed and accepted by Flag Desk, the purchase order can be canceled only with Flag Desk's consent and upon terms that will indemnify Flag Desk against loss.

  • Orders must be cancelled within 72 hours.
  • If submittals are required, the flagpole order will not be processed, nor the flagpole shipped until submittals are approved.
  • If changes are made to submittals after a written quotation / contract is sent, Flag Desk will modify the quotation to the revised submittals, which may result in price change.
Returned Material

In no case are goods to be returned without prior written consent.

View Flag Desk's Returns Policy for details on our return policy.


Flag Desk shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from delay or inability to deliver on account of fire, labor troubles, accident, acts of civil or military authorities, or from any other cause beyond control of Flag Desk.

Customer Account Delinquency

If in Flag Desk's opinion, the financial condition of the Buyer/Customer at any time does not justify continuance of production or shipment on the terms of payment specified, Flag Desk may require full or partial payment in advance of manufacture or shipment. If Flag Desk finds it necessary to place any indebtedness hereunder in the hands of an attorney for collection, the Buyer/Customer shall pay all expenses and costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees.

If the Buyer/Customer gives a check for payment that is dishonored for any reason by the bank or other institution on which it is drawn, the Buyer/Customer agrees to pay Flag Desk $25.00 service charge (if the check cannot be redeposited).

Technical Assistance - Disclaimer of Warranties; Release of Claims

Flag Desk offers its Technical Assistance as a convenience to Flag Desk customers. Flag Desk Technical Assistance personnel strive to provide useful information regarding Flag Desk products. Flag Desk does not guarantee that any information or recommendation provided is accurate, complete or correct, and Flag Desk shall have not responsibility or liability whatsoever in connection with any information or recommendation provided, or the Customer's reliance on such information or recommendation. The Customer is solely responsible for analyzing and determining the appropriateness of any information or recommendation provided by Flag Desk's technical assistance, and any reliance on such information or recommendation is at the Customer's sole risk and discretion. Accordingly, the customer shall release and hold Flag Desk harmless from and against any and all loss, liability, and damage incurred by the Customer or any third party as a result of any information or recommendation provided to the Customer or the Customer's reliance on such information or recommendation.

General Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

Flag Desk makes no warranty, either expressed or implied with respect to any product, and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and all other implied warranties other than those that may not be disclaimed as a matter of law. The duration of any implied warranty that may not be disclaimed by applicable state or federal law is limited to the warranty period.

Flag Desk's sole obligation and liability for product defects shall be, at Flag Desk's option, to replace defective product or refund the Buyer/Customer the amount paid by the Buyer/Customer, and therefore, in no event shall Flag Desk liability exceed the Buyer/Customer's purchase price.

Regardless of whether a claim against Flag Desk is based on the warranty or is an action in contract, tort (negligence or strict liability) or otherwise, Flag Desk's liability for losses, damages, or expenses of any kind arising from the design, manufacture, installation, use, repair, or sale of the flagpole is limited, unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, to an amount not exceeding the cost of the purchased flagpole giving rise to such liability. Flag Desk shall not be liable or responsible for any indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages.

Controlling Provisions

These terms and conditions shall supersede any provisions, terms and conditions contained on any confirmation order, or other writing Buyer/Customer may give or receive, and the rights of the parties shall be governed exclusively by the provisions, terms and conditions hereof. Flag Desk makes no representations or warranties concerning any order except such as are expressly contained herein, and these terms and conditions may not be changed or modified orally.


The provisions on the face hereof and these Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement among the parties and supersede the provisions of any purchase order, other communication between the parties or any statement or representation not included herein. This agreement may not be modified or amended except in writing and signed by the party intended to be bound thereby. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.