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Halyard Maintenance

Note: Worn halyard should be replaced before complete failure so that it can be used to pull the new halyard through the truck

The rate of halyard wear depends on several factors including flag size, wind conditions, climate and usage. For these reasons we recommend monthly inspections of the halyard for wear.

Rope Assembly Halyard Spool

Polyester and Nylon Rope

Polyester and nylon rope halyard should be replaced if there are signs of fraying, tearing, or other visible damage.

Stainless Steel Cable

Stainless Steel Cable

Stainless steel cable halyard should be replaced if there are any signs of kinking, fraying or other visible damage.

Note: For internal halyard flagpoles with winch, see Winch Operation, Care and Maintenance, and Wire Cable Replacement Instructions for Internal Halyard Flagpoles.