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Winch Operation, Care and Maintenance


Winch Operation

  1. Slide the winch handle completely onto or through the winch (depending on the model) before raising or lowering the flag.
  2. Always keep the cable taut while raising or lowering the flag to prevent it from jumping off the drum and jamming the winch.
  3. Turn the winch handle clockwise to raise the flag and counterclockwise to lower it.
  4. When the flag reaches its highest point, turn the handle clockwise with extra force to engage the winch brake. To ensure proper operation, we recommend that new operators open the access door and observe the winch while raising and lowering the flag. Incorrect handle direction can cause winch damage. You should hear a loud clicking sound when raising the flag, whereas lowering it should be silent.
Winch Winch

Winch Care and Maintenance

To maintain optimal operation and longevity of your winch:

  1. Clean Debris: Regularly remove any debris from the winch and cable. Avoid lubricating exposed parts.
  2. Adjust the Double Nut Assembly: If the winch becomes loose or difficult to operate, adjust the double nut assembly on the winch input shaft (for certain models). This adjustment may be necessary as the friction brake pads wear over time. Use two wrenches for this adjustment.
  3. Replace Damaged Cable: Inspect and replace any damaged or worn cable. The frequency of inspections and maintenance will vary based on usage, flag size, and wind conditions. Generally, a monthly check of cable connections and winch operation should suffice.