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Wire Cable Replacement Instructions

Internal Halyard Winch System Diagram
  1. Raise the Flag: Lift the flag and cut the cable to be replaced above the swivel.
  2. Prepare the Replacement Cable: Remove the tape from the top end of the replacement cable.
  3. Splice the Cables:
    • Prepare the Cables: Cut back the six outer strands of both the old and replacement cables about four inches from their ends.
    • Create the Splice: Unravel five wires from the center strand of each cable and tie them together. Ensure the splice is strong and that its diameter is equal to or smaller than the original cable diameter.
    • Secure the Splice: Cut off any frayed cable and tape the splice and the cut outer strands securely. The splice should be compact and robust. Test the splice for strength before proceeding.
  4. Feed the New Cable:
    • Gently feed the replacement cable through until the splice appears outside the truck.
    • Continue feeding the splice and cable into the access door until the new swivel reaches the truck. Ensure that the splice is at or below the handhole.
  5. Finalize the Installation:
    • Cut the replacement cable just above the splice.
    • Attach the ball, two crimps, yoke, and swivel (if applicable). Adjust the yoke so it is at or just above the handhole before securing the crimps.
    • Remove the old cable from the winch and secure the new cable by placing the stop sleeve into the slot on the winch drum and tightening the screw against it firmly.