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American Beacon
The Proper Way to Light Your Flag!

An American Beacon Lighting Package unites the patented Beacon Down Light with a Lifetime Pole Shaft Warranty from the industry's oldest and most recognized name in aluminum flagpoles... Concord American Flagpole.

The American Beacon is the most environmentally correct way to illuminate flags during night hours. For the first time, flags can be properly lit during nighttime hours without lighting adjoining property and the night sky. Patent #7,275,495.

  • Minimize Light Pollution
  • Rotates With The Flag, Focusing All Light On The Flag as the Wind Blows it Around the Flagpole
  • Energy Efficient LED Bulbs Provide Years of Maintenance-Free Use
  • Available for Flagpole Heights of 20' to 80'
  • Residential Options Available
  • Solar Packages Available
  • Made in the USA
Manufactured in U.S.A. Intertek 4010565 Conforms to UL STD 1598

The Proper Way to Light Your Flag!
Official U.S. Flag Code Section 2

A. "...when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness."

International Dark Sky Association (IDA) is the recognized authority on light pollution and is the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide.

The IDA Device Seal of Approval was created to recognize a wide range of Dark Sky Friendly Technologies that aid in the mitigation of light pollution.

The American Beacon is certified by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) as an IDA Approved Dark-Sky Friendly Fixture.

IDA Dark Sky Approved

IDA Approved Dark-Sky Friendly Fixture

American Beacon - Internal Halyard Series - Dual Light