360332 Cable Assembly for 25 Flagpole with 3/32" Cable

Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies are constructed of 1/8" and/or 3/16" stainless steel aircraft cable • Includes a stainless steel swivel to minimize the effect of unraveling due to the rotation of the truck assembly

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Constructed of 1/8" and/or 3/16" stainless steel aircraft cable incorporating a stainless steel swivel to minimize the effect of unraveling due to the rotation of the truck assembly. The lower cable section has a copper cable stop attached to one end for installation into a stainless steel winch. This cable stop can easily be removed if the winch is an "M"-type which does not require a cable stop. The upper cable section is supplied with a stainless steel thimble, 2 copper crimps, and two ball cable stops, however, because this section must be threaded through the truck assembly, these parts are not attached to the cable before shipment and must be attached in the field. These standard cable assemblies are designed for flagpoles with a winch installed at 5' above grade.

If you are repairing a flagpole with a new cable assembly and truck, ask us about pre-loading the truck. We can string and crimp the cable in the shop for easier installation.

Proper Care and Maintenance

All the weight of the flag, counterweight, and other various parts, sits on one point where the pulley of the internal halyard truck and the stainless steel cable assembly meet. As the flag flies, added stress is centered onto this area. For this reason, it is recommended to assess this point in the cable system every few years. If the filaments are exposed or the cable has become unwound, is discolored and looks in general disrepair, you can clip or cut back the cable. You will need a few parts and tools to rebuild the thimble or attachment point.

Please contact us for the parts you'll need to repair the cable with. Repairing the cable every few years will save time and prevent the cable from snapping, sending your flag crashing to the ground.

Note: Item #'s 360332, 360333 & 360334 are to be used with 5" diameter poles with a M-5 Winch installed.

For Flagpole Exposed Height 25'
Lower Inside Cable Diameter 3/32"
Lower Inside Cable Length 25'
Upper Outside Cable Diameter 1/8"
Upper Outside Cable Length 25'
Weight 1.6 lbs.

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