330040 SS112 12" Satin Finish Stainless Steel Ball Ornament

Ball Ornaments - Stainless Steel construction for durability • Satin and Mirror Finish • Heavy Duty • 1/2"-13NC to 5/8"-11NC Spindle Threading

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The Stainless Steel Ball Ornament appeals to a particular aesthetic and durability for an architect who is keen to finish every detail with precision and elegance. As a prominent asset to the front of your building or center of a plaza, the Stainless Steel Ball Ornament is a great option. If you want to achieve this look without employing the Stainless Steel Ball Ornament, you can also look at the Aluminum Ball Ornaments with various finishing options including Satin and Clear Anodized. Do not expect the Aluminum Ball Ornament to match durability and brilliance.
Diameter 12"
Spindle Threading 5/8"-11NC
Weight 7.8 lbs.