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The Flagpoles that architects and general contractors use for their projects. Configure your flagpole almost any way you want.

FlagDesk is the place for all your flag and flagpole needs.

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Flagpole Parts

Flag Durability

The quality of the flag makes a huge difference.

They may look the same, but there are a lot of ways to cut corners on an American Flag. Your dedication to flying should be reciprocated by your flag maker. That's why we are dedicated to the best fabrics and sewing techniques to meet the seasonality and the wind conditions required for successful flag flying. We want to extend the best price with the longest flyability. Sometimes that means getting the flags reinforced.

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Flagpole Maintenance

Better parts leads to longer flag life.

A well maintained halyard system will work wonders for your flag. It is easy to manage a flagpole when you stay ahead of hardware and flagpole parts' breakdowns. Worn-out flagpole parts can eat away at the flag fabric and and reduce flag life. If your halyard system breaks, this can lead to very costly repairs. Together, we will keep your flag looking great for years to come.

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Flagpole Engineering

The flag display starts with the flagpole.

A flag is only as good as the flagpole which supports it. By working with our engineers and consultants, you can be confident in the look, design, and integrity of your flag display. Meeting the highest NAAM standards in the industry, our commercial aluminum flagpoles (6063) are spun at temper 4 and treated for temper 6 (6063-T6). With a variety of anchorage types, we can help acheive the the display that best fits your compay or home.

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