010045 PF5 3 x 5 Poly-Max U.S. Outdoor Flag

Made in U.S.A. • Choose Nylon (Uncle Sam's Favorite) • Choose Polyester fabric (Winter or Windy Conditions) • Lock Stitch Construction • Reinforcing options available

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Our 2-PLY POLY-MAX U.S. Outdoor Flags have embroidered stars and sewn stripes (appliqued stars on 10' x 19' and larger).

  • Superior performance in sun, rain and wind.
  • Light-Fastness prevents against UV Rays.
  • Wet-Fastness prevents migration and bleeding of the dyes.
  • Strength increases the life of the flag by 2 times.
Poly-Max U.S. Flag Bunting boasts an impressive warp count to fill count ratio and color is engineered to stay bright.
  • Warp Count = 35 Threads Per Square Inch (threads running the length of the fabric)
  • Fill Count = 31 Threads Per Square Inch (threads running across the width of the fabric)

BREAKING STRENGTH TESTS (ASTM 5034) Poly-Max flags begin with advanced polymers resulting in superior 18-gauge two-ply ring spun fibers.
  • Warp Strength = 195 pounds per square inch
  • Fill Strength = 190 pounds per square inch

Embroidered white stars are standard on all flags up through size 10' x 15'.

Embroidered Star on U.S. Flag

Flags 10' x 19' and larger have opaque nylon white stars with zig-zag stitching throughout.

Appliqued Star on U.S. Flag


Our ENDURA-NYLON U.S. Outdoor Flags have embroidered stars and sewn stripes (appliqued stars on 10' x 19' and larger).

Strength. Durability. Visibility. SolarMax® fabrics are tough, durable and long-lasting.
  • Fabric designed specifically for active outdoor use
  • Tremendous strength retention under UV exposure
  • World-class tensile and tear strength
  • Increased overall performance
  • High resistance to UV fading
  • Deeper, brighter colors that will last over time
  • Better wash-fastness and light fastness than other nylons of similar fabric construction

Flag Fabric Polyester
Flag Size 3' x 5'
Flag Type Outdoor
Header Width 1-1/2"
Header Lock Stitching 2 rows
Number of Thimbles 0
Number of Grommets 2
Grommet Reinforcement No
Number of Snaps Required 2
Recommended Snap Size 3"
Embroidered or Appliqued Stars Embroidered Stars
Stripe Stitching 3-1/2" double on top & bottom stripes
Fly End Stitching 4 rows
Fly End Fold 1" double
Fly End Corner Stitching 1-1/2" double stitching
Corner Patches No
Flag Reinforcing None
Reinforcing Patch on Flag for Non-Tangle Rod None
Weight 1.0 lbs.

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