IRW100I24-SAT 100' x 12" x .500" Aluminum Flagpole APEX IRW 100' Internal Reinforced Winch, Wire Halyard, Satin, 4 pc

100' (aluminum) Internal Reinforced Raised Door - Wire Halyard • 24" Gold Ball Truck Assembly (SEALED Stainless Steel Bearings) w/ Extra-Large Cast Aluminum Flying Eagle - 44" Wingspan • Industry's first 100' Aluminum flagpole w/ standard 12" butt diameter

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100' Aluminum flagpole 100' x 12" x .500" with Internal Reinforced with Winch - Wire Halyard - available in Satin, Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized and Powder Paint finishes.

The APEX Series 100 ft. tall Aluminum Flagpole in a standard 12" butt an industry's first. APEX 100' flagpole is visually appealing with a 24" Gold Ball with Eagle on top, as standard feature. APEX 100' Tall Aluminum Flagpole is lightweight with 12" butt diameter, compared to competitor's Steel and 16" Aluminum butt diameter available in the market today. Aluminum is Corrosion Resistant, Lightweight and APEX 100' provides lower cost of ownership, with lower freight costs and installation costs. APEX 100 includes a welded reinforced door frame. This adds strength making a smaller butt diameter an economical option.

APEX Airw SERIES Standard Features
  • Gold Anodized 24" Cast Aluminum Ball Truck Assembly with Extra-Large Flying Eagle - 44" Wingspan
  • Cast Aluminum Revolving Ball Truck Assembly has SEALED Stainless Steel Ball Bearings, Stainless Steel Spindle, Cast Exit Bushing and Removable Hood 
  • Complete Internal Halyard Assembly
    • Wire Halyard Cable Assembly
    • Two Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hooks
    • Two Neoprene Snap Hook Covers
    • Heavy-Duty Beaded Retainer Ring - Sling Assembly
    • Plastic Coated Counterweight
    • Heavy-Duty Flag Arrangement for a 20 x 30' flag, with Shock Spring Assembly
    • No Field Welding Required
  • Stainless Steel Winch Assembly with Removable Hand Crank
  • Reinforced Raised Door Frame, with Flush Mount Access Door with Compression Lock and Key
  • Cast Aluminum Flash Collar
  • Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve with Steel Grounding Spike

Brand Concord American Flagpole Concord American Flagpole
Flagpole Model Series / Type APEX 100'- AIRW Internal Reinforced Winch
Halyard Type Wire Halyard / Cable
Flagpole - Exposed Height 100 Feet
Butt Diameter 12"
Wall Thickness .500" or 1/2"
Color Satin Aluminum (Standard)
Revolving Ball Truck w/ Eagle (44" Wingspan) 24" Gold Revolving Ball Truck w/Eagle (44")
Access Door Type Raised Reinforced Welded Door Frame
Number of Sections 4
Top Diameter 4"
Mounting Option Galvanized Steel Foundation Sleeve
Set Depth 10'-0"
Max Wind Speed w/ Flag 90 mph
Max Wind Speed No Flag 125 mph
Suggested Flag Size 20' x 30'
Weight 1512.0 lbs.