CIWW60H23-02 60' x 12" x .375" Aluminum Flagpole XIWW Xtreme Internal with Winch, Wire Halyard, Winch, Satin

Aluminum Flagpole with increased wind ratings necessary in coastal & high wind areas • Revolving Truck • Stainless Steel Winch Assembly with Removable Hand Crank • Available With Reinforced Door Frame (IRW) • 25' - 60' Height


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Coastal Series (CIWW / CIRW) Internal (Wire) Halyard with winch Flagpoles with increased wind speed ratings necessary in coastal and high wind areas

The concealed internal halyard system allows the graceful taper of the flagpole to be unobstructed, while the stainless steel wire cable and lockable door provides owners the peace of mind obtained with 24-7 security. Quiet, sleek and the most advanced way to support flag durability from unobstructed flag flying. Some models now even offer a welded reinforced door frame. This adds strength making a smaller butt diameter an economical option.

  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
  • Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck Assembly with Stainless Steel Ball Bearings, Aluminum Spindle and Removable Hood (Flagpole heights 50' and above contain Heavy-Duty Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings)
  • Complete Internal Halyard Assembly
    • Stainless Steel Wire Cable Halyard
    • Two Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hooks
    • Two Neoprene Snap Hook Covers
    • Beaded Sling Assembly
    • Plastic Coated Counterweight
  • Stainless Steel Winch Assembly with Removable Hand Crank
  • Flush Mount Access Door with Compression Lock and Key
  • Spun Aluminum Flash Collar
  • Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve with Steel Grounding Spike


Internal (CIWW) Stainless Steel systems require an access door feature. Like a street light pole a hand hole for the electric wiring management is required. Simple and efficient engineering detailing the aesthetics of a precision cut provide a rectangular flush mount door design. the best in the industry. CIWW provides an internal halyard winch system ideal for low noise and ease of flag raising and lowering, especially in moderate wind load areas. CIWW flagpoles are available in Satin, Powder Paint and Anodized Finishes.


The CIRW Series is the same engineering as the (CIWW) with a new inset reinforced welded door frame that provides additional strength.  Higher max wind speeds can be handled from each butt diameter/wall thickness combination offered. This efficiency of design produces maximum strength-to-size ratios, making CIRW flagpoles the cost-effective choice in many applications. CIRW flagpoles are available in both Satin and Powder Coat finishes. (No Anodizing on these models)

Flagpole Model Series / Type Xtreme/Coastal- CIWW Internal Winch
Flagpole - Exposed Height 60 Feet
Butt Diameter 12"
Wall Thickness .375" or 3/8"
Color Satin Aluminum (Standard)
Ball Ornament 12" Gold Anodized (Standard)
Access Door Type Flush Mount Hinged Access Door
Number of Sections 3
Top Diameter 4"
Mounting Option Galvanized Steel Foundation Sleeve
Set Depth 6'-0"
Max Wind Speed w/ Flag 140 mph
Max Wind Speed No Flag 195 mph
Suggested Flag Size 12' x 18'
Weight 960.0 lbs.