380040 AB-40 1" x 40" Anchor Bolt

Galvanized Steel Anchor Bolts (lag bolts) are designed in a J shape for stability to mount Shoe Base Flagpoles • The Anchor Bolt size should be at least 10% of the shaft's total height & reach below the frost line • 5 sizes in length: 16" to 54"

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Also known as lag-bolts, these are used for Shoe Base Installations. Typically used for light poles, shoe-base foundations are preferred by signage companies for their easy set up. Bolts are made of galvanized steel and designed in a J shape for stability. Lag bolts should extend at least 10% the total height of the shaft and reach below the frost line. This would be the same principle as the steel foundation sleeve. It is important to use a template when installing anchor bolts. A template will prevent errors during setting. If the bolts are not level or centered correctly, the shoe-base may not fit onto the base. Make sure your system is correct for set up.

Complete with 3 Hex Nuts, 1 Washer & 1 Lock Washer

Anchor bolts are made of A36 steel. A36 steel is a standard steel alloy which is a common structural steel used in the United States.

Anchor Bolt Sizes for Shoebase Poles

Pole DiameterJ Bolt SizeNumber Needed
3"5/8" x 16"3
4"3/4" x 24"4
5"3/4" x 24"4
6"1" x 36"4
7"1" x 36"4
8"1" x 36"4
10"1" x 40"4
12"1-3/8" x 54"4
FM Tiltdown5/8" x 24"4
Std Tiltdown3/4" x 24"4
Anchor Bolt Length A 40"
Anchor Bolt Diameter B 1"
Anchor Bolt Hook Length C 4"
Bolt Thread Length (D) 6"
Weight 9.0 lbs.

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