380010 FS-615 6 x 15" Steel Foundation Sleeve

Galvanized Steel Ground Sleeves for in-ground foundation sleeve method • One foot (1') of the flagpole to be encased in the ground sleeve for each ten feet (10') of exposed flagpole height • Made of 16 gauge corrugated galvanized steel tube


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The Galvanized Steel Foundation Sleeve is buried in the ground and reinforced by concrete. Possibly the best part of a steel foundation sleeve is the ground spike. The spike helps to prevent lightening from hitting the flagpole as well as reach below the frost line to prevent your concrete foundation from shifting or dredging up. Galvanized Steel Foundation Sleeves have leveling wedges welded to the center of the base plate to help you plum the flagpole during installation.

The most common type of flagpole installation is an in-ground installation. The Galvanized Steel Foundation Sleeve calls for 1 foot to be encased in the ground for every 10' of exposed flagpole height. The diameter of sleeve should be at least 2" greater than the outside diameter of the flagpole with the area between the flagpole and the sleeve to be filled with dry sand. Sleeves with a 6" diameter and less are supplied with a base plate and ground spike. Sleeves with a diameter greater than 6" are supplied with a base plate, support plate, grounding spike and, for ease of vertical alignment, steel centering wedges welded to the inside of the base plate.

Sleeve Depth (A) 6'
Sleeve Diameter (B) 15"
Ground Spike Length (C) 18"
Distance from Base Plate to Support Plate (D) 10"
Base Plate Size (E) 20" x 20"
Support Plate Size (F) 10" x 10"
Weight 122.0 lbs.