370010 5" x 12" x .060 Flash Collar, Aluminum, Satin

Flagpole Flash Collars provide the finishing touch to the flagpole base • Flash Collar sizing per flagpole butt diameter, flash collar diameter and height • Also available are Split Flash Collars - useful when replacing or adding to an installed flagpole

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Flash Collars made of spun aluminum to resist damage provide a finished look at the flagpole base. As an option, a split collar can be useful when replacing or adding a collar to an installed flagpole without removing the pole from the foundation sleeve.

Questions we are often asked:

  • How do I figure out the size of my flash collar for my flagpole?

Measure the diameter of your flagpole at the base. You can measure around and divide by Pi, or measure across the cast shadow of the pole on a sunny day. The inside diameter (ID) should match the outside diameter (OD) of the flagpole. In some cases choose between a wider or narrower outside diameter (OD) flash collar.

  • How do I remove my old flagpole flash collar and replace from the ground (avoid lift truck cost)?

You have two options if you don't want to use a bucket truck. If you have a shorter flagpole (20 ft or less) you can suck out the sand in the foundation and pull up the flagpole. This is a great time to replace all the hardware. You can slide the flash collar on from the bottom and reinstall with your sand. The second option is to use a split collar. The split collar is precision engineered to fit together seamlessly with joining strips and screws.

  • Why should I replace the Flash Collar for my flagpole?

Taking pride in the flag means having pride in the flag display. Flash collars, like all other flagpole hardware get warn, damaged, and malfunction over time. The flash collar is designed to look good and allow water run-off. This is optional for shorter poles, but does a great deal for larger poles. Water int he foundation is inevitable, but a calked flash collar provides enough protection for the flagpole foundation to maintain an appropriate level of rigidity.

  • Why does the split collar cost so much for my flagpole?

Because the flash collar is made to fit seamlessly together, the cut has to be made exact. This process happens made-to-order to a standard (non-split) flash collar. The extra work to get this fine cut and the hardware make this an expensive options, but still hundreds less than needing a bucket truck. Note! In some cases, dropping the flagpole from the top of the flagpole is impossible because the collar can't get around various other flagpole parts along the pole.

Color Satin Aluminum (Standard)
Inside Diameter (ID) 5"
Oustide Diameter (OD) 12"
Height 1-3/4"
Weight 0.8 lbs.

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