360275 IHD12 Silver Internal Halyard Door with Lock Keys for 12" Diameter Internal Halyard Aluminum Flagpole

Internal Halyard Doors to fit Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpoles (Brand - Eder Flag) • Models IHD6, IHD7, IHD8 IHD10 or IDH12 flagpole diameter sizes • Includes Lock & Keys • Colors: Silver, Clear, Bronze, White or Black

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Internal Halyard Doors to replace existing door on Aluminum Internal Halyard flagpoles (Brand - Eder Flag)  when replacement is needed.
Model IHD6 fits 6" diameter internal halyard (Eder Flag) flagpole - square shape
Models IHD7, IHD8, IHD10 or IDH12 fits 7" 12" internal halyard flagpole diameter sizes - oval shape
Spun aluminum, colors to match flagpole: Silver, Clear, Bronze, White or Black
Includes Lock & Keys

Fits Flagpole Diameter 12"
Color Silver
Weight 0.8 lbs.

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