What Size Beaded Retainer Rings Does Your Flag Need and How Many?

Beaded Retainer Rings are one of the essential flagpole parts for an Internal Flagpole Display. Knowing the size, type, color and how many to use, will help you maintain your flag display for years to come. This guide will help!

What is a Beaded Retainer Ring?

Beaded Retainer Ring White

Beaded Retainer Rings go by many names. We've seen them called slings, necklaces, and rings on specification and drawings by architects and engineers. So it is no wonder, they are one of the confusing parts of owning a deluxe internal flagpole system.

Beaded Retainer Ring Brown

Beaded Retainer Rings come in a variety of colors (White, Silver, Brown, Black) and sizes (from 5" to 36" as well as custom options).

Beaded Retainer Ring Ball

Beaded retainer Rings are devices which act to hold the flag loosely taught to the flagpole to improve flag life and for a proper display of the flag. Beaded Retainer Rings consist of a stainless steel cable which is strung with nylon 1" or 2" beads. These beads are held together by stainless steel thimbles which are looped and crimped with copper crimps.

Why Do You Need Beaded Retainer Ring(s)?

Internal Cam Cleat Flagpole

Beaded Retainer Rings are used on two systems of flagpole. The first (shown here) is a Cam Cleat Flagpole. A manually locking spring-loaded gear pinches the rope at the base of the flagpole. This rope runs up the center of the flagpole (concealed), and out the top truck to connect the flag. The Beaded Retainer Ring ensures the flag stays close tot he pole. You will notice the Beaded Retainer Ring doesn't fit snug tot he pole. Instead it is loosely drawn. This is to help ease stress, as well as allow the flag to easily move up and down the flagpole for raising and lowering.

Internal Winch Flagpole

The second type of flagpole that uses the Beaded Retainer Ring is the Internal Halyard Winch System Flagpole. This system is similar to cam cleat flagpoles in that the rope - or in this case, cable - in concealed inside the flagpole and comes out the top of the flagpole truck to display the flag. Tha retainer ring acts to hold the flag close to the flagpole.

There is a THIRD USE FOR BEADED RETAINER RINGS in which the external system of a standard in-ground flagpole can not keep the line taught to the cleat. A Retainer Ring can be used to keep the flag close to the flagpole.

How Do You Know What Size Beaded Retainer Ring You Need For Your Flagpole?
Butt Diameter Flagpole Diagram

Beaded Retainer Ring sizes are arranged by the butt diameter of the flagpole. **The most common mistake is confusing the butt diameter with the circumference (or length). The reason the flag industry does not use the circumference, is that the circumference of the flagpole does not match the circumference of the Beaded Retainer Ring. The Shaft of the flagpole is spun with a tool that measures the diameter. So the most straight forward way to designate Beaded Retainer Rings is by diameter at the butt (base) of the flagpole.

You can determine the butt diameter of the flagpole through a variety of methods. Holding a measuring tape to the flagpole can be a bit difficult to see, unless you have a large caliper tool (which is a bit overkill for this project). Another option is to measure the flagpole's shadow on a sunny day. If you are not apposed to a bit of math, you can always measure the circumference and use the equation for circumference (Pi x Diameter=Circumference).

How Many Beaded Retainer Rings Does Your Flag Need?

The chart below shows the number of Beaded Retainer Rings (RRs) are used per flag size. Be aware not all flags are made the same. We take great care and pride in flag production to ensure the best results on the field. A differently finished flag may not have the same number of attachment points. This is more common in flags 8x12' and larger.

The chart includes the recommended snap hook size. Larger snap hooks look better for larger flag headings (where the flag attached to the rope). Getting the right parts will lead to longer flag life.

Chart: Flagpole Diameter to Retainer Ring Length
Model F.P. Diameter RR Length
RR5 5" 30"
RR6 6" 34"
RR7 7" 38"
RR8 8" 42"
RR10 10" 50"
RR11 11" 54"
RR12 12" 58"
RR13 13" 62"
RR14 14" 66"
RR16 16" 74"
RR18 18" 82"
RR20 20" 90"
RR22 22" 98"
RR24 24" 106"
RR30 30" 124"
RR32 32" 132"
RR34 34" 140"
RR36 36" 148"
Chart: Flag Size to Number of Retainer Rings
Size Thimbles Grommets Attachments
Snap SizeNumber of RRs*
3' x 5' 0 2 2 3" 1
4' x 6'0223"1
5' x 8'0223"1
5' x 9-1/2'0223"1
6' x 10'0223-1/2"1
8' x 12'2133-1/2"3
10' x 15'2133-3/4"3
10' x 19'2133-3/4"3
12' x 18'2133-3/4"3
15' x 25'2354-3/4"5
20' x 30'2354-3/4"5
20' x 38'2354-3/4"5
30' x 50'2794-3/4"9
30' x 60'2794-3/4"9
50' x 80'29114-3/4"11

*RRs = Beaded Retainer Rings

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