Flagpoles: In-Ground, Shoe Base, Outrigger, Vertical Wall Mount, Nautical

Whether your flagpole project is for a commercial building, memorial, government building or personal residence, FlagDesk has what you need! We offer a wide selection: In-Ground, Shoe Base, Outrigger, Vertical Wall Mount, and Nautical flagpoles.

In Ground Flagpoles

In-ground flagpoles are Installed 'in-ground' using a ground sleeve / foundation sleeve, or using a shoe base with anchor bolts. Both external halyard flagpoles and internal halyard flagpoles (winch and cam cleat flagpoles) can be installed in-ground. With the external halyard flagpole, the rope or halyard is visible on the outside of the flagpole and ties the rope off to a cleat mounted at approximately 4.5' up the flagpole for ease of operation. The internal halyard flagpole keeps the ropes (or cable) concealed on the inside of the flagpole shaft.

Ground set installations are the strongest and most common form of installation. Using a ground sleeve, the set depth should be 10% of the flagpole exposed height to achieve maximum strength. Thus, a 30' exposed height flagpole will require the total flagpole shaft to be 33' in length, of which 3' will be below ground level. The ground sleeve is set firm in concrete.

Shoe Base installations are typically used when an above ground installation is required. This will include flagpoles installed on a roof top or on an existing concrete foundation. A cast aluminum shoe base is mounted to the flagpole shaft base, and secured in the ground with four galvanized steel anchor bolts, set in concrete. The Shoe Base mounting option is more expensive than the typical ground sleeve foundation option. Sign Companies like to use anchor bolts and shoe base mounting options and the familiar flagpoles at McDonald's franchises use shoe base installations.

Outrigger Flagpoles

Outrigger flagpoles are typically mounted to a building facade with a bracket and thru-wall bolts or using bolts with expansion shields. Outrigger flagpoles are available with an external halyard system only and are found most often in cities where space is an issue. Outrigger flagpoles can be angled at 30, 45 or 60 degrees from horizontal, in heights from 6' to 20'. A variety of Wall Mount design and angle options give project owners the ability to enhance any building facade with a customized look and beauty of aluminum flagpoles.

Nautical Flagpoles

Nautical Flagpoles offer a nautical theme design incorporating either a single shaft and yardarm, or a double mast design. Nautical flagpoles can be mounted in ground using a ground sleeve / foundation sleeve, or a shoe base and anchor bolts.. They are available with an external halyard system only and are capable of flying multiple flags. Nautical Flagpoles can rig up to 3 or 4 external halyard systems, one at each end of the yardarm, one at the end of the gaff and finally one at the top of the flagpole. Mounting heights can go from 25' to 80'.

Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles

Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles are similar to Outrigger Flagpoles except, as their name implies, they are mounted vertically. Vertical Wall Mount flagpoles come in standard heights of 15' to 32'. Their design is unique in that they can help place a flagpole high above a roof-line and create a big flag display that is also secure from traffic. Most vertical wall mount flagpoles have the external halyard system with option for stationary truck or revolving truck. A custom flagpole example requiring an internal halyard system and beacon light is in use at Bank of America locations.