Flag Arrangements

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Flag arrangements attach to the end of the stainless steel cable system for internal halyard winch system flagpoles. The flag arrangement is a great way to keep your system clean from hardware that might catch on the flag and cause fraying. Make sure your system has no exposed cable or edges. It is best to use all stainless steel hardware. Less maintenance, longer life means more flag value.

Flag Arrangements

Flag arrangements are used with flagpoles that have a winch. The flag arrangement provides stress relief for the flag as well as a safety if the flag was to rip at the hoist.

What is the right size?

The size of your flag arrangement should always match the hoist or height of the flag. For example, an 8' x 12' flag requires an 8' flag arrangement.

Attaching the Flag Arrangement

The flag arrangement connects to the cable assembly with a quick-link and runs along the flag's canvas header. The counterweight, retainer ring, and bottom swivel snap are then attached to the bottom of the flag arrangement.